Real-time planning for smart transportation operators

Optibus is an algorithm-based SaaS platform for public transportation companies that optimizes scheduling of operations in real-time

Blazing Fast

Optibus’ technology is based on novel advanced mathematical algorithms, developed together by mathematicians and transportation planning experts. Using Optibus’ unique technology, operators are able to create full optimal vehicle and crew schedules within seconds vs days in existing solutions, while taking into account the full set of constraints and preferences. This technology brings the ability to test various alternatives in no time, allowing the scheduler to select the best fitting one.

Interactive Scheduling

Interactive scheduling studio unseen before. Schedulers can input their wisdom, Optibus will ensure smart deployment of their knowledge by combining the power of the optimization engine. Scheduler can make adjustments based on their expertise and the system will provide instant feedback on these adjustments, recommending the best changes.

Real-Time Rescheduling

The only existing solution that can make real-time decisions to solve unforeseen obstacles when they occur, restoring the optimal balance. Doing so by tracking the execution of the schedule in real-time via online feed from the fleet, predict deviations from the plan and trigger Optibus’ real-time decision engine to suggest the best course of action.

Saves Time and Money

The most efficient planning platform on the market, reduces the fleet size, and cuts up to 13% of the entire operational cost by minimizing empty trips and unneeded idle standby time, saving 10’s of millions of dollars a year per operator

No Technical Investment Required

Delivered in a SaaS model, minimal installation, minimal investment, no special technical skills required. Pay a monthly fee for the fleet you are using, grow as you need.

Green Solution

Saving 100’s of tons of carbon emissions a year by eliminating the “empty bus” syndrome.


What our clients say about us

Zion Pat, CEO, Kavim

"optibus' powerful optimization engine has significantly reduced our operational costs in all the branches of Kavim."

Dror Bril, Planning Manager, Tnufa

“We've used Optibus' system to solve service quality issues in no time without compromising costs. The results Optibus gave us were directly applicable, highly optimised and used in the field to everyone satisfaction. As a result, nowadays I'm using Optibus' service at Tnufa successfully”

Juan Abel Atias, Urban Division Director, Avanza Group

“I've been working with Optibus on several tenders. Optibus' service and optimization supersedes other European based systems in many aspects.”

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